DWW-172-01 Luzia for Men
Luzia vs Jan


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Luzia vs Jan

As this title indicates, this topless mixed wrestling tape is certainly a collectors item for all fans of “blonde angel” Luzia. She always uses all her athletic power and skill to dominate her opponents and some men seem to become pretty helpless between her strong thighs. If you like to witness a lot of excellent submission wrestling techniques and guys being outclassed by an excellent athletic wrestler, then this tape is exactly what you have looked for. The guys try hard to win, however, the skill of their female opponents is far superior. This tape is not only for fans of Luzia but certainly also for those of you who like to see excellent competitive mixed wrestling. When watching those men struggling vs Luzia then we wonder if a man wrestling her really would enjoy getting his head captured amd squeezed between her strong and shapely legs or if it is nothing but a nightmare for him. Quote yourself!

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Luzia (19) vs Jan (18)
Luzia (19) vs Tom (25)
Edita (25) vs Petr (18)

Additional information

Duration 20 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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