DWW-226-01 Cheerleaders Mixed Wrestling
Petr vs Antonia Luzia


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Petr vs Antonia Luzia

The only time rival cheerleader groups would unite is against a man. Here, skilled grown-up Petr must first fight Antonia and Luzia in their “Beauties” cheerleaders costumes. The girls tag each other out after each fall. Later he fights in the same format against their strong rivals from the “Beasts” team: Denise and Cathy. Which team does better against the man? This wrestling is as competitive as can be with pins, scissors and submissions on both sides. Some people will envy Petr; some will be sorry for him. The fourth match introduces newcomers Lukas and brave Camilla. The last match takes place inside on a mat and is one of the fiercest and most skilled mixed matches we have ever filmed. Judoka Leonardo wanted anything but to lose in front of his girlfriend, who watched him wrestle Luzia. He is a strong, skilled competitor and Luzia had her hands full. A fantastic match! This tape is also a collectors item for all Luzia fans: even if you are not a fan of mixed matches we strongly recommend this tape for your Luzia collection. Warning: if you hate it when the guys win falls, don’t buy this tape!

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Four mixed wrestling matches, three outdoors
Petr (19) vs. Antonia (21) and Luzia (20)
Petr (19) vs. Denise (22) and Cathy (21)
Lukas (21) vs. Camilla (18)
Leonardo (22) vs. Luzia (20)

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Duration 17 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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