DWW-184-02 Tiffany Debuts
Denise vs Tiffany


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Denise vs Tiffany

Some great topless wrestling matches on wet grass. Requested by a group of sponsors these rules were significantly updated to give a handicap towards one of the wrestlers. Eva had to wrestle both Denise and Antonia (though not both at once but consecutively) in two different tournaments. The first one was for pins only and the second tournament was for submissions only. Denise and Antonia had to change as her opponents after each fall while Eva had to stay on the grass for wrestling her next opponent. Eva had to go for 3 points in each tournament (i.e. 3 pins or 3 submissions) while Denise plus Antonia could go for 3 falls altogether. These were tough rules for Eva. Did she succeed? You’ll see some great and skillful wrestling here.
The second match on this tape is also topless bout on grass between Denise and her novice girlfriend Tiffany who did her first match ever. However, Tiffany is a well trained athlete since she has been a member of the swimming national team of her country. Though she needs to get some more skill, her power and athleticism becomes quite visible. She’s tall, slim and muscular, like the typical female swimmer body. And never forget: This was her first match ever! Was it an uneven challenge?
This tape is competitive and worth watching more often than just once!

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Eva (19) vs Denise (21) and Antonia (20)
Denise (21) vs Tiffany (25)

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Duration 23 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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