DWW-197-05 Topless Backyard Boxing
Clara vs Antonia




Match: Clara vs Antonia

Topless boxing in a ring in the garden. Quite some sight. Well, the girls are amateurs, they are not really trained boxers, though they were trained marginally, but they all have great fighting spirit. Since they were beginners these matches were setup over 5 x 1 minutes rounds only. However, the action is as intense as it could get. You will witness hard punches, tko’s plus quite a lot of ambition and aggressiveness. These girls are wildcats once the action is on, equal if they wrestle, catfight or box. As pretty as they might look, they all have the heart of a tigress. If you want to see skillful boxing then you’re wrong with those tapes and then we rather recommend you one of our nontopless boxing tapes. However, if you like to see hard and effective punches with the only skillful defense of a girl being her own attacks and aggressiveness towards her opponent then this video is exactly what you like!

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Luzia (19) vs Edita (24)
Eva (19) vs Antonia (20)
Denise (21) vs Edita (24)
Eva (19) vs Denise (21)
Clara (21) vs Antonia (20)

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Duration 9 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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