DWW-209-03 Topless Oil Wrestling
Antonia vs Linda N


Linda N
Linda N
Oil Wrestling and Mud Wrestling
Oil Wrestling and Mud Wrestling


Match: Antonia vs Linda N

Oil wrestling is sometimes thought of as little more than an uncompetitive roll-around designed to display the female body, but with DWW, although the second part is most indulgently true, the fights are genuine, with real winners and losers. Andrea and Antonia are both Czech, facing Hungarian opponents. Both are aggressive young women unaccustomed to losing. Antonia in particular had many fights as a teenager, and despite her innocent girl-next-door looks, is a tough match for the cute blondes Edina and Linda N. The viewer can enjoy two enhancements to normal wrestling: matches which would be over in a few minutes without oil become lengthy, exhausting struggles and the oil assists the camera lens to dwell lovingly on the erotic shapes of the lovely DWW girls.

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Four topless oil wrestling matches
Andrea N. (25) vs Linda N. (26)
Antonia (21) vs Edina P. (24)
Antonia (26) vs Linda N. (24)
Timea S. (21) vs Kriszta (22)

Additional information

Duration 22 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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