DWW-218-04 Cheerleaders Topless Boxing
Luzia vs Cathy




Match: Luzia vs Cathy

Three college girls (happily real college girls!) are sitting on the grass when their peace is disturbed by three aggressive, tarty-looking “secretaries” (happily in real jobs!). The college girls answer back. One thing leads to another and they decide to fight it out, first in hair-pulling strip fights (on DWW-217), and then in strip boxing. Here they pair off for five 1-minute rounds. The first time a girl loses a round, she removes her top, the second time, her skirt. This isn’t powder-puff fake boxing. Resplendent in tarty lingerie or schoolgirl uniform, these lovely girls punch for all they are worth. One was such a fight that the loser couldn’t come out for the final round. Completing the tape, sexy Luzia boxing Cathy in their cheerleader’s outfits, and finally Antonia and Jana showing no mercy to each other.

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Five topless outdoor boxing matches
College Girls vs. Street Girls:
Clara (22) vs. Edita (25)
Eva (19) vs. Antonia (22)
Monika N. (19) vs. Denise (22)
Cheerleaders and shiny hip-huggers:
Luzia (20) vs. Cathy (21) – cheerleader’s outfits
Antonia (22) vs. Jana N. (18)

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