DWW-224-02 Mixed Wrestling in the Grass
Edita vs Leonardo


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Edita vs Leonardo

This tape was requested by a fan for the devotees of mixed wrestling with schoolgirl pins. The girls are dressed in tops and skirts with long white socks and the rules are long schoolgirl pins to a submission. Both Edita and Jana N. know this hold perfectly and such good wrestlers are they that they can easily apply it to the boys. Leonardo is a good submission wrestler but when he finds himself held tight between two strong female thighs, he gets upset and even breaks the rules by squeezing his opponent in a leg scissors. Newcomer Vikin is strong, but too inexperienced for the skills of the girls. All matches are outside on the grass and in the end they all four wrestle at once and the tape finishes with the losers pinned for ever. A tape for the mixed wrestling fans who dote on the schoolgirl pin, but not recommended for those who like evenly matched competitive wrestling when the boys win falls as well.

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Four non-topless
mixed wrestling matches outdoors on the grass
Jana N. (18) vs. Leonardo (22)
Edita (24) vs. Leonardo (22)
Jana N. (18) vs. Vikin (21)
Edita (24) vs. Vikin (21)

Additional information

Duration 14 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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