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Clara vs Petr


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Clara vs Petr

3 competitive mixed wrestling matches. Warning: This tape is not for you if you don’t like when men are winning submissions and matches! However, these matches are all hard and the participants are determined to win them for their gender.
In the first match Clara faces Petr in one of her first matches ever. It’s easy to see that Clara is pretty inexperienced and so Petr has got a good chance. Does he win?
In the second match Petr has a much taller and much stronger opponent: Tiffany! Will she use her height advantage and her strength to dominate this young man?
In the third match there is a very even battle between Tom and Antonia outside on a mat. Antonia looks always gorgeous in jeans shorts, even in a mixed match. Tom gives 200% to win against this girl but Antonia is so fast and skilled that he has all hands to do to defend himself. A great mixed wrestling tape!

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3 mixed wrestling matches
Clara (21) vs Petr (19)
Tiffany (25) vs Petr (19)
Antonia (21) vs Tom (26)

Additional information

Duration 20 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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