FOM-641 Antonia vs Vikin


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Likely this mixed wrestling match isn’t very useful for those of you who love it only sporting and extremely competitive. One reason for that assumption might be that this is a wrestling match on the bed. The second reason might be that this was a sponsored wrestling match and the loser had to accept the winner sitting in the SGPIN as long as the winner of each fall would love to sit on the unlucky loser. However, such rules are of course most entertaining for those of you who like real matches and long SGPINs and dominant women. Antonia was a strong wrestler when she was young, too. The guys aren’t as quick as the girls are, and particularly on a bed the girls are having a real advantage as they’re quicker, more athletic and much more flexible than the guys. Perhaps girls are also thinking much quicker about their next actions in a fight than the guys would be able to think about their actions. Antonia is extremely dominating in this fight and when Vikin does no longer want her to sit on him in the SGPIN and when he starts struggling for getting her off, she’s even starting to slap that unlucky guy’s face who doesn’t behave as an obedient loser should behave. Antonia does that as if she were in a catfight with a girl. We believe that some of the mixed fans will love this dominant bed wrestling match while other mixed fans – those of you who are more into the purist mixed wrestling sports – might probably want to skip this.

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