DWW-235-01 Girls’ Night Wrestling
Antonia vs Luzia


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Antonia vs Luzia

Oh, wow! Antonia visits Luzia’s cosy apartment. In front of a log fire, Luzia phones Eva. Antonia inquires why. Luzia explains that Eva and her friends are on their way to accept a challenge to a catfight (on Part 2) and that Antonia must do her part. Antonia is agreeably intrigued. Luzia suggests some training, and comparing biceps, the girls test their arm-wrestling skills. Luzia is stimulated to try out something far more erotic. She produces a pair of the skimpiest thongs ever seen at DWW. Antonia likes what she sees, and so will you! The two have an enthusiastic wrestling match in which each tries to exert sexual supremacy over the other by flattening her to the floor with long, dominating pins. The dress is effectively nude without being nude, the action is sexual without containing actual sex. Many fans have dreamed of seeing these beauties in a nude wrestling match – in the foreseeable circumstances this is as near as they will get. Perfectly luscious! We rather think you’ll like it.

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One topless (or is it nude?) wrestling match
Luzia (21) vs Antonia (21)

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