DWW-238-01 Fight of the Champions
Lonnie vs Luzia


Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling


Match: Lonnie vs Luzia

Lonnie, Stephanie and Nadège were welcome guests at DWW’s Summer Event 2001. Lonnie and Stephanie both hail from Virago in California, while Nadège is the petite star from Belgium, well trained by the famous Beatrice Goffin. Lonnie is a sturdy, strong, pretty, dark skinned American with a great smile for everyone except a wrestling opponent. Her repertoire of holds and moves is exemplary but our beautiful Luzia gives her a hard time. Check out the headlock applied with the knee-joint – veritable nutcrackers! Lonnie is not so lucky against Petra, but struggles valiantly against the weight. Stephanie, red-headed and creamy-skinned, is taller than Nadège, but their match is more even than one might at first guess. Although Stephanie’s first love is boxing and No-Holds-Barred fighting, both enjoy very strong wrestling skills which they are unafraid to use against each other in a fascinating contest. Neither is daunted by what she is up against, and what Nadège lacks in height and weight she finds in speed and expertise. Devotees of pure wrestling will find much to appreciate in these highly competitive, sporting matches.

Note: All three matches on this tape were already issued as part of the unedited copy of our summer event: S2001-MAT.

This video was part of a DVD or movie collection. The description is valid for the full DVD, but not necessarily for this specific video download. Even if multiple matches are described, the download will contain a single match.

First issued as part of S2001-MAT
Lonnie (28) vs. Luzia (20)
Lonnie (28) vs. Petra (23)
Stephanie (30) vs. Nadège (21)

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Duration 22 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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