DWW-246-02 Ultra-Competitive Mixed Wrestling
Sandra vs Vikin


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Sandra vs Vikin

This is some of the most competitive and hardest mixed wrestling on a mat we have ever filmed. It’s a must-buy tape for those who like male vs. female wrestling to be very sporting and equally matched. First Tiffany takes on muscular rugby player Samuel. You can see his fitness and power easily in his impressive body, and it is only strong power-woman Tiffany who would be able to take him on. In the second match, Sandra takes on an enthusiastic Vikin, who does not want to look bad after the good match that his friend Samuel presented. Sandra gives her best, but this young man is very strong and quick, too. In the finale, Vera faces Marco. Vera is a very experienced wrestler, and in this match there is perhaps the best muscle worship ever in a match between a man and a woman. Don’t be surprised when the women lose falls or even whole matches in this tape. This is NOT a tape for those who want to see women dominating men, but something for those who requested equally matched sporting competition between fit, trained men and women.

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Three non-topless mixed matches on the mat
Tiffany (25) vs. Samuel (21)
Sandra (22) vs. Vikin (21)
Vera (26) vs. Marco (19)

Additional information

Duration 22 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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