DWW-247-02 Mixed Wrestling in the Grass
Luzia vs Honza


Special Dress
Special Dress
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Luzia vs Honza

3 very competitive mixed wrestling matches on grass. These poor men face some of the strongest women of DWW and these women have no mercy. In the first match Clara is so fit and fast that bigger Honza looks helpless. Then Luzia substitutes Clara and frustrated Honza must continue against her. Both girls wear jeans shorts and the view of their flexed muscular thighs when they’ve got the head of their victim squeezed between them is spectacular. You definitely enjoy to watch those female legs but you’d certainly regret once you’d feel them round your neck. In the third match Petra and Tom have an argument about gardening. Well, if you know Petra, one should better never have an argument with her. She just kicks his ass and after this is finished he had been glad if he had never met her.

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3 mixed wrestling matches on grass
Clara (22) vs Honza (20)
Luzia (20) vs Honza (20)
Petra (23) vs Tom (26)

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