DWW-249-02 Mixed Wrestling in a Dress
Vera vs David


Special Dress
Special Dress
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Vera vs David

This is a tape for those who don’t mind the men winning their matches against the women. The fights take place in a cosy apartment. Two boys and two girls meet each other and decide to find out which the stronger gender is. They start with some arm wrestling and then challenge each other to wrestling matches. Petra and Petr are on first, and both fight as hard as they can. Petr is now not only older, but heavier, tougher, and a skilled and experienced wrestler. Petra gives as good as she can but Petr is a really tough opponent. In the second match, David faces Vera and this quick and energetic young lady is not easy prey for him. There are submissions on both sides, of course. In the third match, Petra meets David in the same apartment. Since David saw how good the younger Petr was against Petra, his pride is on the line, lest he perform worse than his buddy. Petra has other ideas! She needs at least one man a day whom she can beat up!

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Three nontopless (partly topless) mixed matches in a cosy apartment
Petra (23) vs. Petr (21)
Vera (26) vs. David (26)
Petra (23) vs. David (26)

Additional information

Duration 20 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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