EU-085-01 Mixed Wrestling 2 vs 1
Eva K Vera vs Filipivo


Eva K
Eva K
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Eva K Vera vs Filipivo

This for those who like highly competitive matches between young men and women and are just as happy if the man wins. The first match has special rules: two strong girls, Vera and stunning blonde athlete Eva K., challenge Filipivo. Not both at once – that would have been unfair – but one after the other. If there is a fall, Filipivo stays on the mat, but the girls change. It is over 10 falls. Can Filipivo resist them? The second match is between Lenka and her boyfriend David. Even though he seems to be quite brutal, they are still together after a year. According to some of our fans who have already seen it, the last match is the best mixed wrestling they have ever seen. A must have tape for fans of competitive mixed wresting!

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Mixed wrestling matches
Eva K. (21) and Vera (22) alternately vs. Filipivo (19)
Lenka (18) vs. David (23)

Additional information

Duration 34 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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