DWW-253-01 Let’s Get the New Girl
Sveta M vs Ira P


Ira P
Ira P
Sveta M
Sveta M
Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Match: Sveta M vs Ira P

It is hard for each newcomer at BSA. The established BSA fighters are proud women and do not like any newcomers trying to push them off their thrones. Especially if the new potential queen is like Ira P., a gorgeous blonde with the body and face of a model. Ira is a successful track and field athlete who wanted to find her physical limits – how else better than at the ultimate level of BSA extreme fights? The BSA fighters were extremely jealous. They were ruthless in the ring against the inexperienced Ira. But she isn’t one to take it lying down. She fights back, even if she is outclassed. See her in three tough fights in the ring against Sveta M., then against Irina_Rm and finally against Evgenia L. She might get a beating now and again, but whereas other girls would run off in tears, Ira always comes back because she’s a real fighter. Although it might not look like it on this tape we believe that a new star was born here. How about you?

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Three extreme fights in the ring
Ira P. (22) vs. Sveta M. (26)
Ira P. (22) vs. Irina Rm. (26)
Ira P. (23) vs. Evgenia L. (18)

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