DWW-268-02 First Wrestling Experience
Pettula vs Michaela N


Michaela N
Michaela N
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Pettula vs Michaela N

What does an open skylight have to do with two mature women having a lot of fun with their first experience of wrestling? You’ll have to look at this video to find out! This is for the fans of natural but rather unskilled wrestling by determined, beautiful, feminine, very well endowed, excited women. Pettula and Eva are a delightful pair of friends whose time together becomes much hotter than they had expected. It’s the kind of action you can imagine your girlfriend getting into this week! This was really the first time that either had wrestled, and both try very hard. It’s a lengthy match, too. In the second match, another newcomer Michaela challenges Pettula to a wrestling match on the bed. Although she is only eighteen, Michaela has one of the biggest chests ever to be freed to the air at DWW. “Not many of those to the pound,” we hear you murmur. They’re huge! This match, topless on a double bed, is an exciting “young vs old” combination, and is a must for fans of long schoolgirl pins and thighs pressed on the other’s body. Besides, there are plenty of close up breast-to-sweaty-breast presses in both these matches to make almost anything pump faster.

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Two topless apartment wrestling matches
Pettula (31) vs. Eva P. (27)
Pettula (31) vs. Michaela N. (18)

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