DWW-269-02 Apartment Wrestling
Pettula vs Laila


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Pettula vs Laila

One of our favorite items of the last few years. Filmed in a nice apartment, just as you yourself might live in, several girls meet and decide to wrestle topless. Not experienced, some with more skill than others, they’re all very enthusiastic to have a go at each other. You will be on the edge of your seat as you watch these exciting topless fights for pins and submissions. First, DWW regular Antonia takes on redheaded newcomer Ella. Although Antonia is very skilled, she doesn’t have an easy time of it. The second match is an often requested encounter between “young and old”. Pettula, a rising star in this scene, challenges Laila, a beautiful 19-year old, who is slim, strong and 100% committed to supremacy over her opponent. She’s one of the best finds of the last year. You’ll enjoy the deliberate face-sitting pins and thrilling headscissors. Neither girl cares about the rather “unpadded” environment of this apartment, much less if they ruin it during the fight! It’s only about triumph over the other girl. Third up, cute, short-haired Eva P. looks similar to her opponent Simona when fighting, both being keen, well-endowed young women. It’s a struggle neither wants to lose. Finally, newcomer Renate K shows Ella how painful schoolgirl pins can be when you move your knee up and down the flexed biceps of your beaten “enemy”. A very exciting atmosphere as pretty, feisty newcomers truly go after each other – this is how apartment wrestling should be.

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Four topless apartment wrestling matches
Ella (26) vs. Antonia (24)
Pettula (31) vs. Laila (19)
Simona (24) vs. Eva P. (27)
Ella (26) vs. Renate K. (21)

Additional information

Duration 23 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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