DWW-270-03 Luzia’s Wrestling Fantasies
Luzia vs Lenka


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Luzia vs Lenka

The sponsor of this release asked Luzia to select her favorite wrestling styles and her favorite opponents. The first combination should be her most erotic wrestling fantasy, her second opponent her toughest competition, while her third match would be against her easiest opponent in her most satisfying style. For her erotic fantasy Luzia chose Eva, with both girls oiling their bodies and wearing only tiny thongs, wrestling on the grass for long body presses to a submission. If you’ve seen Luzia before, you’ll be thrilled by how sexy she is here. She seems to get more beautiful as she gets older (how does she do that?), and she’s so excited about her choice that she really hammers her crotch into Eva’s and enjoys the long and intimate bodypress pins, breast on breast and crotch on crotch. Eva soon complains about Luzia’s hard and painful crotch to crotch pins as Luzia treats her so aggressively. The second item is a submissions only match between Luzia and Edita wearing just jeans shorts. Luzia uses all her skill and strength to show Edita how good she is. It’s fast and skilled with a clear winner. Luzia likes Lenka very much, they share rooms at events. But tough though she can be, Lenka is no match for Luzia in a fight, so for her “easy” choice Luzia enjoys making Lenka suffer long schoolgirl pins and face-sitting. It’s blatant domination. Lenka struggles hard but has to accept that Luzia is the stronger woman. If you’re a Luzia fan and admire skilled, beautiful women this is a must.

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Three topless wrestling matches on grass
Luzia (22) vs. Eva (22)
Luzia (22) vs. Edita (29)
Luzia (22) vs. Lenka (29)

Additional information

Duration 22 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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