DWW-272-04 Female MMA
Elena M vs Olga K


Elena M
Elena M
Olga K
Olga K
Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Match: Elena M vs Olga K

Four very aggressive fights for the hardcore fan. At BSA, you know there’s going to be a real grudge fight when the other girls crowd round to watch.
Both Lessja and Svetlana have won boxing / kick-boxing championships at world level, so respect each other’s talents. Otherwise there’s no love lost, and neither could wait for a “straightener” to settle it. The winner would become the undisputed prima donna of BSA. This is extremely brutal and skillful fighting. It had to be stopped due to injury, but the loser immediately insisted on a rematch to follow a few days later.
The second fight was even more desperate but just produced a winner, albeit so even it could have gone either way.
The third item is a brutal fight between two very aggressive young women as the winner literally punches the will to fight out of the brain of the poor loser.
Lastly, two maturer, heavier women face each other with instant enmity. They fight weightily and furiously to exhaustion, with loud moans and groans as they put their last reserves of power and energy into groin kicks and dirty punches.
None of these encounters is just a “match” – each is an all out fight.

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Four BSA extreme fights in the ring
Svetlana Kr. (21) vs. Lessja (23) (the challenge)
Svetlana Kr. (21) vs. Lessja (23) (the rematch)
Olga Kr. (18) vs. Olenia S. (19)
Olga K. (25) vs. Elena M. (28)

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Duration 18 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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