DWW-275-02 Novice vs Skilled
Lenka vs Eva P


Eva P
Eva P
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Lenka vs Eva P

The first of two volumes of encounters between the new girls and experienced “veterans” – the alumni of the DWW “college” allows the newcomers to find out if they’re good enough to teach the resident “queens” a lesson and the veterans to see if they should be nervous about their status. So the new girls are very keen, and the experienced girls don’t want to be seen to lose. In the first match there’s more beauty on the mat than in any Miss World contest, except that this contest is a real fight, as Eva and Laila mash their superb bodies against each other. Eva is taken aback by Laila’s hard resistance and quickly realises that here is an opponent who not only matches her in beauty but also fitness and strength, and is just that little bit younger! Interestingly both girls chose to show off by wearing the very minimalist tangas imaginable – even of the same colour – is this the beginning of another great rivalry for Eva? Then DWW’s famous little blonde Lenka comes back to the mat and realises that Eva P. isn’t the pushover she looked at first. In the last match, Antonia needs a lot of dirty tricks to defend herself against Renate K., who would rather die than give up since she is one of those tough girlfighters who never wants to be seen as the loser. Bad tempers and tears for someone here.

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Laila (novice, 19) vs. Eva (“veteran”, 21)
Eva P. (novice, 27) vs. Lenka (“veteran”, 23)
Renate K. (novice, 21) vs. Antonia (“veteran”, 23)

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Duration 27 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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