DWW-283-04 Mixed Wrestling at Home
Nick vs Daniela


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Nick vs Daniela

Following on from DWW-260, we present another meeting at home featuring friends Nick, Jan, Daniela and Barbara. The girls don their bikinis to wrestle the men in singles matches. The girls fight very aggressively, showing no mercy to these brave boys. In fact the girls are probably more aggressive than in any mixed match you have ever seen. Normally, most men might envy the guys who have the opportunity to wrestle these gorgeous women, but this time we think they’ll be glad they were not magically transformed into the person of either Nick or Jan. At the end, one poor lad was left with a sore neck and the other with blood on his face. It’s simply incredible how fierce the girls were to them. Do they hate men? Perhaps not, but they definitely wanted to teach them a lesson. Do the men retaliate? Yes, they try very hard, and they also get submissions from the girls, but is that enough to succeed? Many of you will conclude that if this is making your own entertainment at home, you’re quite happy to be just a spectator through a glass screen.

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Four mixed apartment wrestling matches
Nick (18) vs. Barbara (24)
Jan (18) vs. Daniela (24)
Jan (18) vs. Barbara (24)
Nick (18) vs. Daniela (24)

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Duration 21 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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