DWW-288-02 Women Boxing to a Finish
Evgenia L vs Yvette


Evgenia L
Evgenia L


Match: Evgenia L vs Yvette

By now every dedicated boxing fan knows that the best and most competitive boxing matches can be found at a DWW Summer Event. However, this year we outclassed ourselves. The DWW ring was full of World, European and national amateur champions! Nowhere else in the world, neither on TV nor at any other private or public event, could you see such a number of excellent, wild, skilled and exciting boxing matches. And certainly nowhere else can you see boxing to a finish for unlimited number of 2 minute rounds. Sometimes this rule can turn a dominatrix during a fight into a loser if she or her club coach doesn’t want to continue beyond what she’s used to. But such is the goal of a submission match. You box until you submit, are ko’d or tko’d. This part of boxing culture should not be missed by any real female boxing fan. Here are female matches which are much better and more exciting than you’ve ever seen before. No headguards here! Newcomer Nastassja, although just a teenager of 19 years shows she’s already one of the best boxers in the world. She’s already called by many the “Anna Kournikova of boxing” and that’s no exaggeration. Why? Just watch her! She’s almost too good to be true!

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Non-topless boxing matches to a finish
Sveta M. (27, BSA) vs. Kati (19, Hungary)
Evgenia L. (20, BSA) vs. Yvette (20, Hungary)
Nastassja S. (19, BSA) vs. Reka (26, Hungary)
Ira P. (23, BSA) vs. Silvi (26, Hungary)

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