DWW-254-03 Women Boxing to a Finish
Evgenia L vs Ira P


Evgenia L
Evgenia L
Ira P
Ira P


Match: Evgenia L vs Ira P

The girls of BSA are tough. So tough and fit are they, that ordinary boxing matches no longer present a challenge. Now, they want the ultimate test of who is better – a fight to the finish. Quite simply, this means a boxing match over as many 2-minute rounds as it takes to produce a winner. In truth, the resultant fights are so hard and concentrated they don’t last the ten rounds common in professional female boxing. But they are often just as skilled, and the girls are all heart. First up is a challenge match between taekwondo champ Irina and her arch-rival Svetlana. Neither would back down in a professional ring, and they are here for just one thing – a fight to decide who is the better woman. It goes at a furious pace but ends too early for the loser to be satisfied, so a week later there has to be a rematch. As it begins, you know “this is it”. There is a very definite conclusion. The third match is between beautiful blonde newcomer Ira and a very skilled amateur boxer Evgenia, whose training is obvious. Both girls have something to prove and no love is lost here – it’s instant rivalry and the winner is ruthless. In the finale lovely Lessja is very fired up indeed to give curvy Sveta a lesson she will never forget. Sveta fights back. It ends with a genuine knockout.

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Four boxing matches to a finish
Svetlana Kr. (23) vs. Irina Rm. (26) Challenge match and Rematch
Ira P (23) vs. Evgenia L. (18)
Lessja (22) vs. Sveta M. (24)

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Duration 22 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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