DWW-291-03 Skilled Topless Boxing
Evgenia L vs Nastassja S


Evgenia L
Evgenia L
Nastassja S
Nastassja S


Match: Evgenia L vs Nastassja S

This is boxing by the BSA girls at its best. Not only do they fight topless, but to a finish, with an unlimited number of 2 minute rounds, until the opponent submits or has to accept a tko or ko. These young women are trained boxers with both stamina and technique to leave you breathless. Even as you watch your TV screen you can feel the power and pain of their hard punches, which hit the target almost every time. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that even though some of these girls know each other, when they step into the ring it’s as if they were about to settle things with their life-long rival. A must for every boxing fan. You’ve never seen female boxing like this, even the wonderful fights from DWW in years gone by.

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Three topless boxing matches to a finish
Irina Rm. (27, BSA) vs. Ira P. (23, BSA)
Sveta M. (27, BSA) vs. Anna K. (19, BSA)
Evgenia L. (20, BSA) vs. Nastassja S. (19, BSA)

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Duration 21 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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