DWW-A2002-BOX-03 Topless Boxing to a Finish
Evgenia L vs Sveta M


Evgenia L
Evgenia L
Sveta M
Sveta M


This is a boxing match from our Summer Event 2002, filmed at our special pre-event that happened 2 days before
our event was officially started, specially for the boxing fans only.
Evgenia L and Sveta M fight in a topless boxing match “to a finish”. That means, that the fight over 2-minute rounds did last until either one of the competitors submitted, or she was ko-ed, or tko-ed, or just because the coach or the referee stopped the match. So there is a decisive winners without the need of any judges.
These BSA boxers are beautiful and skilled. If you are a real boxing fan then you will not see any better and more exciting topless female boxing elsewhere on video. This high quality and smooth video will give you the impression of watching the fight from ringside!

Evgenia L, Sveta M

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Duration (minutes)


Video format / quality

MP4 1440×1080 50fps (H.264)

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