DWW-292-02 Women Topless Pro Boxing
Sveta M vs Nastassja S


Nastassja S
Nastassja S
Sveta M
Sveta M


Match: Sveta M vs Nastassja S

This is a unique boxing item since each match on this video ends with a knockout. Besides that, these girls box as fast, skilled and furious as it can get. Absolutely stunning Nastassja shows bulldog Sveta M. what real boxing skill means. This teenage girl is almost too good to be true. But Sveta answers the challenge of her youth, beauty and skill with a furious flurry of angry, brutal haymakers. It is rare to have ko decisions in female boxing matches, especially when the amateurs are well trained in defence, but in these fights to a finish the girls forget defence to unleash a venom on each other which is probably beyond your wildest fantasy, in attempt to finish the fight in the earliest and most decisive way. And so it turns out – KO in every fight! The last match is a filler from a BSA event and was filmed before this summer event. If you like boxing at all this tape is unmissable.

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Three topless boxing matches and one nontopless boxing match to a finish
Evgenia L. (20, BSA) vs. Irina Rm. (27, BSA)
Nastassja S. (19, BSA) vs. Sveta M. (27, BSA)
Anna K. (19, BSA) vs. Ira P. (23, BSA)
Ira P. (23, BSA) vs. Maryna M. (21, BSA) (not from the summer event)

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Duration 11 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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