DWW-301-05 One-sided Match
Antscha vs Maryna M


Maryna M
Maryna M
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Antscha vs Maryna M

For those who want a clear, dominant winner here is a treat. Sometimes the winner is so superior she plays cat and mouse with the humiliated loser. All the matches here are extremely one-sided although of course they are real, competitive fights with both winners and losers putting in 100% effort. It’s just that the losers find that no matter how hard they fight, their opponents always find more, and relish their supremacy.
Laila is somewhat inexperienced, but she likes a good fight and first takes on a tournament guest, “Tigerlady” Adrianne Z. from the USA.
Then Laila appears in a true “young vs. old” challenge against Iva, whom you can see as far back as DWW-73! Two children later, Iva is as fit as ever. Meanwhile the newer girls have learnt fast and the level has become higher each year. Can the older generation still match the newest?
Simona and Evi is a battle of naturally big-breasted women.
Viktoria shows Denise how skilled Kriszta’s team has become. Can she take experienced Denise?
Finally, cute Antscha takes on BSA beauty Maryna in a dream blonde / brunette confrontation in which one of these gorgeous girls is overwhelmed by a surprisingly stronger and very aggressive rival.

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Five topless wrestling matches on the mat
Laila (20) vs. Adrianne Z. (24)
Laila (20) vs. Iva (29)
Simona (24) vs. Evi (25)
Denise (24) vs. Viktoria M. (24)
Antscha (24) vs. Maryna M. (21)

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Duration 13 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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