DWW-306-02 Summer Event Private Match
Xana vs Anna L


Anna L
Anna L
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Xana vs Anna L

Here are the first two of five (see DWW-307) private matches filmed by a sponsor at the DWW 2003 Summer Event. The sponsor requested quite different rules from those normally used by DWW. Starting from a body press position, with one splayed out on top of the other, or occasionally from the collegiate “referee’s position”, they wrestle until one submits. Scissors must not be used to achieve submission but only for manoeuvering their opponent into a disadvantageous position. These matches are all 100% competitive fights and the girls sweat heavily, due to the effort and gusto they expend trying to make their opponents submit. However, you won’t see a great variety of wrestling holds. You will see very long, close body presses from head to toe, breast squeezing into sweaty breast, crotch into crotch, legs intertwined, straining bridging to escape, both girls breathing heavily as each tries to dominate the other into giving up. If you like that, the outcome may be irrelevant, but there is a better woman at the end. The first match is between two BSA stars, Nastassja S. and Anna K. never before seen in such erotic positions, and the second is between lovely Anna L. and buxom blonde Xana. Each uses her big breasts as terrifying weapons as she forces them against the other’s big chest. If you love this position, you’ll love this release.

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Two topless wrestling matches to special rules
Anna K. (19) vs. Nastassja S. (19)
Xana (33) vs. Anna L. (23)

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Duration 23 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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