DWW-307-01 Summer Event Private Match
Denise vs Viktoria M


Viktoria M
Viktoria M
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Denise vs Viktoria M

Continuing from DWW-306, the final three of five private matches sponsored at our 2003 Summer Event. The first and the third match were requested by the same sponsor who filmed DWW-306. If you loved those matches you’ll love this video too, as a fan of long, close body press, gorgeous women pressed breast to breast, breathing heavily and sweating profusely as they arch and bridge to escape. In the first match it turned out that Denise and Viktoria obviously found a certain chemistry for each other, their bodies fitting together like a key and its lock. The longer the match went on, the heavier their breathing and the more erotic their style. This made us think these two might want to experience something more intimate together, which they did enthusiastically in a final, erotic settlement at our private October 2003 event. You’ll soon see what we mean. The second item is a competitive wrestling match beween two big-breasted women who have never met before: Timea C. and Renate K. Here, a different sponsor counted for controlling holds rather than pins. For some it won’t be clear why he did call a pin when he did, neither was it for us, but this was his match. Finally, two very beautiful girls, one blonde, the other brunette, Antscha and Maryna M., strain in long full-body pins to a finish. Both were exhausted from the official event, but although their match isn’t always 100% competitive, it’s very easy on the eye. We paused before releasing it, but these two bodies look so gorgeous pressed together we couldn’t resist, and we doubt if you can either!

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Three topless wrestling matches to special rules
Denies (24) vs. Viktoria M. (24)
Renata K. (21) vs. Timea C. (26)
Antscha (24) vs. Maryna M. (21)

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Duration 35 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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