DWW-309-02 May the Strongest Woman Win
Eva vs Viktoria M


Viktoria M
Viktoria M
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Eva vs Viktoria M

This sponsored wrestling tournament is a round robin between three excellent wrestlers who had proved their skill and strength over a number of years and are firm favourites with our fans. At the start of each match there is an arm wrestling and leg wrestling competition, followed by a short pin-escape contest. The wrestling matches are for both pins and submissions on the mat. In addition there are interviews with the wrestlers (with English subtitles) sometimes before and sometimes right after their matches. This way you can get to know them and what they think about their matches and opponents. These ladies are all fit and beautiful, like to show off their toned bodies by wearing only tiny tangas, and they all want to win. All three matches are hard fought and skilled. Before their pin and submission match, Eva and Edita go against each other in two rounds of “Olympic-style” wrestling, which the sponsor was also keen to see. Edita is especially renowned as a protagonist of this style. If you enjoy real, sporting, topless wrestling on the mat, you’ll be excited by this.

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Three topless wrestling matches as a round robin
Eva (22) vs. Viktoria M. (24)
Edita (29) vs. Viktoria M. (24)
Eva (22) vs. Edita (29)

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Duration 18 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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