DWW-310-02 Wrestling for National Pride
Ira P vs Timea C


Ira P
Ira P
Timea C
Timea C
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Ira P vs Timea C

A wrestling match between two fit, skilled, gorgeous, nearly naked young women who don’t know each other can be an exciting affair. The tension is increased when they come from different countries, speaking completely different languages, and brought to boiling point when each is competing in front of her home town friends. At that point, personal feelings become national. So it is here. Each girl knows she must fight for her pride. The small mat, enclosed on three sides by padded walls, has consistently been found to intensify both action and rivalry. Eva is not simply startlingly beautiful, but a ruthless submission wrestler with six years experience. In Nadege she faces possibly the world’s best opponent of her age, equally a lady who never backs down from a challenge. Watching these two go at it will simultaneously hold your attention and elicit your admiration as few other fights. The second, long, long match could be even more gripping. Cute Ira is a boxer and extreme fighter, with less ground-work experience than Timea, but she has a “die rather than lose” attitude, while skilled wrestler Timea intends to use everything she can find to win. By the end both are glistening with sweat and completely exhausted. Fans of sporting, skilled, very physical and evenly matched female competition will be ecstatic.

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Two international topless wrestling matches
Eva (22) vs. Nadege (22)
Ira P. (23) vs. Timea C. (26)

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Duration 38 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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