DWW-314-02 Breast vs Breast
Simona vs Luzia


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Simona vs Luzia

For lovers of big-chested women, this release features competitive breast-to-breast and crotch-to-crotch action throughout. Lucy H., at 21 already a DWW veteran, faces newcomer Michaela, Monika’s younger sister, a much bigger, voluptuous young lady determined to show that women with big breasts and thighs are naturally strong and dominant. Michaela wants to become more famous than her sister and get even more attention from fans! The girls fight for body-to-body pins only. It’s an epic struggle as each thrusts her plump flesh into the other in long, exhausting breast-to-breast pins in front of their excited girlfriends. The sponsor of the second match requested that Luzia and Simona should wrestle for the entire match with their legs intertwined and squeezing hard together, in a full body press, making the action as difficult as it is erotic. The fight is the same style as DWW-245, but this time it’s topless. This is a true test of strength between these beautifully built women. EXTRA: after each matches the two combatants test each other’s strength and endurance with a variety of competitive breast-to-breast bear hugs. If a contest between two sets of voluptuous and completely natural female breasts pressed together is your fantasy, you’ll love this!

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Two breast-to-breast wrestling matches in an apartment
Lucy H. (21) vs. Michaela N. (20)
Simona (24) vs. Luzia (23)

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Duration 33 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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