DWW-334-01 Wrestling Rivalries
Hajnal vs Dana N


Dana N
Dana N
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Hajnal vs Dana N

These four fights show a great deal of rivalry and emotion. You can feel the tension on the mat as these girls give their all to beat their opponents. First, Hajnal meets beautiful blonde novice Dana, who possesses possibly the most dangerous nipples on this earth, although her wrestling skills here are not on a par with Hajnal’s. But you can see that Dana is a born fighter and she doesn’t make Hajnal’s life easy. Then two more mature women, Moni and Renata, show us that age does not weaken them nor make them any less aggressive. You’ll love this close match. The third item is the emotional highlight of this title as Laila seeks revenge for her best friend Dana. She attacks Hajnal furiously and mercilessly but Hajnal responds, and soon these young ladies are in a real fight. If you like seeing emotion expressed by eyes full of frustration and humiliation on one side, in contrast to celebration on the other, you’ll find nothing better than this. The last match is a sporting encounter between Hajnal and Moni with some text book grapevine pins.

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Four topless wrestling matches on the mat:
Hajnal (21) vs. Dana N (21)
Renata B. (27) vs. Moni (25)
Hajnal (21) vs. Laila (20)
Hajnal (21) vs. Moni (25) – (previously published as Fight of the Month FOM-106)

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Duration 19 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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