DWW-336-03 Emotional Catfight
Pettula vs Eva




Match: Pettula vs Eva

Sensational Laila was so annoyed with Jana after the vicious boxing in DWW-338 that she challenged her to a catfight. Jana’s reaction was “Yeah? bring it on!” Wearing jeans, the two faced off a few days later in an apartment. We added a short scenario to light the touch paper. The atmosphere is electric as they bury their hands in each other’s hair from the word go, trying to hurt as much as possible in a trial of domination and endurance against pain.
There was also something to settle between cute young blonde Dana and popular blonde “real woman” Pettula, because they seem intent on nothing less than ripping each other’s hair out. To finish, Pettula and DWW idol Eva say what they think of each other in an interview, which provokes considerable animosity. The punishment is merciless. These fights are all results of serious rivalry, with satisfied winners and humiliated losers. If your idea of a girl fight is truly gorgeous young women going at it with few clothes or inhibitions in almost constant hair-pulling ferocity, you’ll want this! (English subtitles!)

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Three topless hair-pulling catfights in an apartment:
Laila (21) vs. Jana N. (21) grudge catfight
Pettula (33) vs. Dana N. (22) catfight
Pettula (33) vs. Eva (22) catfight

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Duration 28 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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