DWW-343-01 Mixed Wrestling with a Strong Woman
Petr vs Tiffany


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Petr vs Tiffany

For several years Petr has suffered at the hands of young women wrestlers better than he, but nowadays he is an accomplished wrestler with a will to win. Can he do it? His opponents represent a brave choice: athletic Tiffany is taller and perhaps faster, Petra outweighs him and Sandra has trained for a decade in an “Olympic-style” wrestling club. Petr’s struggle against Tiffany is quite titanic – they exhaust each other before one takes the only submission after more than 20 minutes. The relief on the winner’s face matches that on the loser’s! The mats are outside for Petr’s fight with his old rival Petra, but return inside for his very even match with Sandra, which begins with some arm wrestling. Petr both wins and loses falls in this release, all of which is in an atmosphere of genuine, sporting competition in DWW’s tradition of mixed wrestling between young people of similar age, stature and ability.

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Three non-topless mixed
wrestling matches on the mat
Petr (21) vs. Tiffany (28)
Petr (21)) vs. Petra (26)
Petr (20) vs. Sandra (22)

Additional information

Duration 20 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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