DWW-359-02 Ambitious Novices
Maria H vs Vladka


Maria H
Maria H
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Maria H vs Vladka

Here are two great new finds in their first event matches: Reni and Vladka. Vladka is a beautiful young blonde who relies more on her very attacking style than inherent strength or technique, bringing a definite “playground” atmosphere to her fights. Although still a youngster, she is determined to prove that she’s not afraid to start something, so cool, experienced Lenka gets something of a surprise, while Maria has her hands full. In contrast, Reni is an extraordinarily fit, competitive young sportswoman – a professional handball player who challenges her opponents with pure strength and large, solid biceps. This time it’s reigning muscle-queen Antscha who gets the shock and is soon in trouble. As the last match we included Reni’s first attempt at wrestling, against strong Hajnal, a couple of weeks before the event. If you’re fascinated by talented but very different newcomers, we trust this will delight you.

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Four wrestling matches on the mat:
Lenka (24) vs. Vladka (18) – topless
Maria H. (20) vs. Vladka (18) – topless
Antscha (26) vs. Reni (24) – partly topless
Hajnal (21) vs. Reni (24) –non topless match prior to event

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