DWW-385-04 Boxing with a Streetfighter
Maryna M vs Zambia


Maryna M
Maryna M


Match: Maryna M vs Zambia

Lessja and Maria are from two rival groups: this boxing match over 5 x 2-minute rounds is fierce, fast and skilled. Lessja is a striking brunette who adores a fight but has the boxing training to back it up. Since Maria can also box, this is fast, furious and very intense. Neither wants to be seen to lose.
Both Denise and Jana have put on the gloves in previous Summer Events and for DWW’s unique Garden Boxing series. Because they aren’t trained, the rounds are a minute long, but both girls love the challenge of a real fight, and that’s what they give each other. Jana revels in the chance to beat another girl up.
Svetlana is another skilled boxer who is truly up for another go at her old rival over 5×2 – who won this time?
Finally, slender, gorgeous, sporty Maryna takes on cute, black Zambia, in sexy bikini bottoms. Zambia’s attitude seems to be that boxing is just another all-out street fight without rules. Like an escaped tigress, Zambia is wild beyond control. It had to be stopped. It’s short, but very aggressive.

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Four topless boxing matches
Lessja (28) vs. Maria (19)
Denise (26) vs. Jana N. (22)
Svetlana Kr. (25) vs. Lessja (28)
Maryna M. (23) vs. Zambia (20)

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Duration 12 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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