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Zsuzsa vs Viktoria M


Viktoria M
Viktoria M
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling
Pin Only
Pin Only


Match: Zsuzsa vs Viktoria M

Summer Event 2005
This video of “pins only” wrestling matches starts with a privately sponsored round robin tournament from our 2005 summer event between Viktoria M., Antscha and Zsuzsa. The three matches consisted of one pin fall only with the winner of the match enjoying her triumph by sitting on her opponent. This video is definitely for those of you who enjoy seeing winning poses. The three matches featured hard wrestling between three skilled and powerful opponents. The fourth match was between two inexperienced women, gorgeous blonde Kristina J. and buxom Zsuzsi. It was filmed as a so called test match a few days prior to the summer event. Nevertheless these two girls had a wonderful and very competitive fight; much better than you might expect from unskilled beginners. Some nice sgpins! The last match was one of Orsi’s first wrestling matches and it happened a few weeks before the summer event. Bea S. is slim but much stronger than she looks. Though beautiful and young, Orsi faced a very skilled opponent. Orsi showed her fighting spirit and her determination in this match, demonstrating her potential as a fighter. If you like great pins and gorgeous women in competitive, pins only wrestling then you shouldn’t miss this video!

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5 topless wrestling matches featuring
Viktoria M. (26) vs. Zsuzsa (21)
Viktoria M. (26) vs Antscha (26)
Antscha (26) vs Zsuzsa (21)
Zsuzsi (27) vs Kristina J. (25)
Bea S. (22) vs Orsi (19)

Additional information

Duration 7 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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