DWW-407-03 Topless Wrestling with Melanie
Susanne vs Melanie


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Susanne vs Melanie

Melanie was and still is one of the most famous video wrestlers in the world. It’s not only her beauty that made her famous, but her incredibly fit body and her will to win, plus her aggressiveness. Another characteristic of Melanie was that she enjoyed not only overpowering her victim, but to sexually defeat and humiliate her. She enjoyed long pins most. Of course the matches on this video all are fully competitive as opposed to being sexual in nature. But you will get a better understanding of what holds Melanie uses and why if you also understand what she is feeling during the match. With her it was all about winning and showing her victim the better woman. This satisfied her. Losing was a disaster for her. The first match looks like a mismatch against a much taller and heavier Denise. But just look how Melanie manages to make the match competitive. The match vs Iva was short due to a minor injury, but it was very intense. The match vs well known and experienced Susanne looks also like a mismatch for the much smaller Melanie. But it only took a short time for Melanie to learn the weaknesses of her opponent and to quickly figure out how to get the other woman to cry “uncle”. Her last match against one of her greatest rivals, Edina, was probably the toughest for her on this video. It is amazing to see how well muscled girls get into trouble against a tiny Melanie and her awesome body because Melanie always knows how best to weaken other women.

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4 topless wrestling matches featuring
Melanie (22) vs Denise (22)
Melanie (19) vs Iva (22) from the summer event 98
Melanie (19) vs Susanne (32) from the October event 98
Melanie (20) vs Edina_P (24)

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Duration 21 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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