DWW-408-02 Pretty Wrestler Petra S
Petra S vs Marketa T


Marketa T
Marketa T
Petra S
Petra S
Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling


Match: Petra S vs Marketa T

Petra S. was one of those young women who immediately received a lot of attention by many of our fans when her pictures and clips were released in web club issues. Unfortunately she only did 4 matches in her career. One of her matches has already been released and the other three you can see here. Her first match ever was a non topless match in pantyhose and skirts against Lenka. We all know Lenka as a very strong and skilled wrestler. However, you can witness the talent of Petra S. for even though it was her first time on the mat, she gave Lenka a very tough match. The second match was Petra S. versus small newcomer Marketa T., both wrestling non topless in one piece suits. Since both were beginners you won’t find the usual skills here, but they try hard and you will watch a match between pretty girls next door who wrestle with aggression and with the ambition to win. If you like watching determined girls next door you’ll like this. Petra’s topless match was her match vs Anette. Anette deserves a released DVD of her own. You see two of the most beautiful young women on the mat here. Anette’ breasts are absolutely incredible looking and could jump right off a Stanton cartoon. But Petra’s breasts aren’t shy either. Both girls fight hard in order to win. Though not very skilled they present an exciting wrestling match with two astonishing upper bodies and four breasts clashing and filling every pixel on your screen.

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3 wrestling matches featuring
Petra S. (21) vs Lenka (21) nontopless in pantyhose and skirts
Petra S. (21) vs Marketa T. (18) non topless in one piece suits
Petra S. (21) vs Anette (18) topless in thongs

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Duration 18 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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