DWW-414-01 Antscha the Hardbody
Zsuzsa vs Antscha


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Zsuzsa vs Antscha

Antscha is a muscular, strong and skilled wrestler. First, she challenges Zsuzsa. Antscha’s body is taut and tuned, like a supple bodybuilder: her headlock is literally breathtaking. Meanwhile young Zsuzsa, at about the same height, is built on a larger scale. Her big thighs can crush and her heavy breasts smother anything she encounters. The result is a fair fight, with physical, goading taunts encouraging a tense atmosphere of great rivalry. The second match is one of Antscha’s many attempts to beat Viktoria in a clash of skill, fitness, strength and will. Viktoria is ready to defend herself, but Antscha is an ambitious young woman. Who will win? Last is a clash between two similar young women, both in build and character. Each prefers to exact neck-breaking headlocks and painful scissors on her opponent. Each invests an ego-testing emotional commitment in winning. Each wants to beat a girl of a different nationality. Each has the attitude: “if she wants a fight, she can have one!” This is a ding-dong battle of wills and bodies as they really go at it. Finally, the stronger girl glows with pride at her win over a truly humiliated loser.

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Three topless wrestling matches:
Antscha (27) vs Zsuzsa (22)
Antscha (27) vs Viktoria M. (27)
Bea S. (22) vs Jana N. (22)

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Duration 24 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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