DWW-420-03 Tanga boxing to a finish Part 1: Skilled 1


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Match: Svetlana Kr vs Lessja

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Girls from DWW’s BSA team fight 2-minute rounds, topless to a finish! No points, no judges, just the ladies, their corners or the referee decide when the loser has had enough. This is skilled boxing by fit girls with technique and stamina. Their willingness to fight to a finish produces a thrilling game plan. No coasting along to accumulate points, no last round flurry, the decision made by only by the fighters. Each wants to throw everything into a convincing, early victory. Since that applies to both, they try to knock each other out at the first opportunity, bringing the blood up so that these fights become totally explosive. Olenia remembers a vicious extreme fight against bitchy Irina (BSA-194). Olga and Sveta just like being a fist fight. There is no love lost between Lessja and Svetlana: each has the technique to back up her challenge. Effectively, these are fist fights in bikini bottoms, with enough rules, supervision and gloves to stop injury. Good news for haters of baggy boxing shorts – there aren’t any! All these cuties wear are tight little tangas.

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