DWW-422-01 Tanga Boxing to a Finish, Wild
Monika N vs Timea C


Monika N
Monika N
Timea C
Timea C


Match: Monika N vs Timea C

Continuing from DWW-421, novice boxers go at it over 1-minute rounds, topless to a finish! No points, no baggy shorts, just tanned hotties in tangas laying into one another till one has had enough, like catfights with gloves. Some have learnt a little boxing, mostly they rely on aggression to win a fight to the finish. The thrilling game plan means no coasting along to accumulate points, no last round flurry, no disputed decision – each girl throws everything into a convincing, early victory. Since that applies to her rival, too, they try to knock each other out at the first opportunity. That makes the blood boil, so these fighting girls explode on the screen. The battle between Monika and Timea is worth the price of a dozen videos. An out-and-out street fight in which the girls, from different countries, supported by their own screaming nationals, viciously try to destroy each other in what the ref still believes is the most amazing (and possibly most uncontrollable) girl fight he has ever seen – a real catfight in all but name. Big girls Tiffany and Petra are so powerful they hurt each other and things get out of control; Denise and Cathy just get off on fighting – no quarter here. An all-time classic.

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Three topless boxing matches: Timea C. (24) vs. Monika N. (19)
Tiffany (26) vs. Petra (23)
Denise (21) vs. Cathy (21)
(previously released on VHS cassette A2001-BOX)

Additional information

Duration 20 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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