DWW-433-03 HWW Xmas Event 2006
Sofia C vs Viki A


Sofia C
Sofia C
Viki A
Viki A
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Sofia C vs Viki A

This part of the HWW-2006 Xmas event present the last two matches of Round 1 and the first two matches of Round 2. In Round 2, the 6 losers of Round 1 had to wrestle each other as well as the 6 winners of Round 1 had to wrestle each other. This made another 6 matches. For information about the rules and the tournament structure please read the lengthy description provided with DWW-432. We are sure you will like those tough matches, since the matches got better and better. There are female emotions, long text book pins, wonderful submission holds and lots of excitement in these matches.

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Featuring 2 matches from Round 1 plus 2 matches from Round 2
Karine/TAC (25) topless vs Anita D. (25) bikini
Reni (26) bikini vs Zsuzsa (23) topless
Viki A. (22) topless vs Sofia C. (20) topless
Karine/TAC (25) topless vs Bea S. (23) topless

Additional information

Duration 14 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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