DWW-438-01 HWW Xmas Event 2006
Sofia C vs Angie


Sofia C
Sofia C
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Sofia C vs Angie

The next day after the event some fans had some good ideas about additional matches we have not seen during the tournament. Some of those matches promised some exciting, competitive and equally matched excitement. And truly some matches were much better than even optimists had hoped for. In the first one, two young and determined women faced each other in a very emotional match. In the second match Karine was eager to show us how good she still was and she started like a machinegun. However, she soon had to admit that Orsi K. was not only a strong woman but also an ambitious woman who had no fear at all of Karine‚Äôs furious start. Antscha had nothing to prove but a lot to lose when she met Orsi K. But “The snake” was experienced enough to know exactly when and how her opponent was vulnerable. See a masterpiece of skill and tactics towards a deadly final. The last match on this video was probably the highlight and the most emotional match of the event. Both women are sort of tomboys and although they need to improve and to learn, they both have a natural talent and spirit for fighting. It was also evident that they looked at each other as rivals and there was no love lost at all. Any dirty tactic was good enough to become a winner. It became extremely close ! Some great entertainment !

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Featuring 4 special wrestling matches
Sofia C. (20) topless vs Angie/TAC (23) topless
Karine/TAC (25) topless vs Orsi K. (30) bikini
Antscha (28) bikini vs Orsi K. (30) bikini
Angie/TAC (23) topless vs Orsi S. (22) bikini

Additional information

Duration 21 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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