DWW-441-02 Small Summer Event 2007, Part 2
Tiffany vs Viktoria M


Viktoria M
Viktoria M
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Tiffany vs Viktoria M

In this DVD from the small summer event international encounters, HWW boss Viktoria was challenged by some of the best from our other team. Edita has a great wrestling record but Viktoria had meanwhile become such strong, muscular and experienced, beating any international opponents she faces. Can Edita end Viktoria’s success story? Tiffany is big and strong and muscular. Check out how Viktoria does against this powerful woman. Finally, Renata is Viktoria’s third opponent. Usually we’d put our bets for Viktoria, but Renata was such strong and so determined to win that it became a much tougher match for Viktoria than many of us had expected ! Some matches end with arm wrestling, all matches end with a muscle posing.

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3 topless pins and submission matches featuring Viktoria M. (28) vs Edita (33) Viktoria M. (28) vs Tiffany (32) Viktoria M. (28) vs Renata B. (30)

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