DWW-A2002-MAT-04 Submitted and in Tears
Anne vs Monika N


Monika N
Monika N
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


An undedited video from the mat matches of the DWW Summer Event 2002, for the real f/f wrestling fan. Some of the best wrestlers from all over the world participated in this event and many of these exciting matches are international. All matches are competitive and topless on the mat.
Anne Hurricane is a visiting wrestler from Belgium, with Korean origins. She trained at the Beatrice Goffin school so she is technically skilled, strong and aggressive. She fights against DWW’s Czech favorite Monika N, a very pretty, slim and fast wrestler who is not afraid to accept a challenge. Rules are pins and submissions.
This is one of those outstanding international matches were the women have never met before, they don’t speak the same language and they can’t communicate, they fight in front of a cheering crowd of women from their national team and many supporting guests. They also come from different “wrestling schools”, so they have a diverse set of pinning and submission techniques that sometimes can surprise their opponent. This is the perfect recipe for a tough competitive match with the wrestlers’ pride on the line.
The fight starts very hard and fast, but it ends suddently when one girl uses a forbidden strangle hold on her opponent, leaving her in tears on the mat and with a bloody nose, unable to stand up for several minutes.

Anne, Monika N

Additional information

Duration 9 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 1440×1080 50fps (H.264)

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