DWW-A2002-OIL-11 Camel Clutch in Oil
Viktoria M vs Cathy Camera 1


Viktoria M
Viktoria M
Oil Wrestling and Mud Wrestling
Oil Wrestling and Mud Wrestling


International topless oil wrestling at its best! Hungarian Viktoria M fights Czech Cathy in a 10-minute bout.
The great feature of DWW oil wrestling is that our matches are always fully competitive. Points can be scored by immobilizing the opponent in a pin, but the girls are allowed to submit their opponent using painful holds too. Getting a submission in slippery oil is always diffult, since it’s easier to
splip out of holds like body scissors.
In this match we can see something unique: one of our wrestlers punishing her opponent using a Camel Clutch hold – in oil! This dream hold happens very seldom in real competitive wrestling (you can see it more often in fake matches at other producers), but it’s very effective and painful when applied correctly. Will the girl on top be able to submit her enemy with a camel clutch ?
This match has been filmed with two cameras and you can download the two camera angles separately, so you can see the action from different perspectives. Note: this match does not include the traditional pre-fight sequence where women put oil on their bodies.

Additional information

Duration 11 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 1440×1080 50fps (H.264)

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