FOM-008 Bare Knuckle Women MMA
Svjeta vs Natalia


Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Svjeta, Natalia
Dress: non-topless
Rules: BSA extreme style, no gloves, no boxing but slapping is allowed

We are used to the rough fighting style of the women from the Black Sea Amazons team. In this match Svjeta and Natalia show they courage by going one step further: they remove the gloves and they fight MMA style bare fisted, wearing just a thong and a sports top.

The techniques allowed and fully used in this fight include:

– full contact kicks to any target, including the face – check out the preview !
– hard body slapping, with a few full-force punches thrown in
– hairpulling
– submission wrestling techniques

A unique blend of Mixed Martial Arts brutality and pretty athletic women in minimal clothes.

Video preview quality is lower than actual download

Additional information

Duration 13 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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